Amazon showed his Tablet for $ 200 and three new reader

As expected, last night Moscow time company Amazon announced its first tablet that Kindle Fire, as well as provide replenishment ruler citalok Kindle.

Kindle Fire proved to be a 7-inch (10-inch version promised) with dual-core processor at 1 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, screen protection Gorilla Glass, weighing 400 grams with WiFi but without 3 g and camera. It’s quite decent features for a model, which will cost $ 199. Current market counterpart, although not as asketicnym, can be called Blackberry Playbook that all cost $ 500. However, he failed in the market.

As anticipated, Amazon has radically redesigned interface, so Android tablet with one now in difficulty. It is understandable, the model is intended primarily for the purchase and use of the content purchased from an online store, although the set application (from Amazon AppStore) also can be. This circumstance to the word while making attractive device only for an American audience. In Russia the functionality of the tablet will be critically reduced, because our country’s Amazon content not trades.

That to readers, the company introduced three models of different price range. The simplest is worth the $ 79 and has no touchscreen, no keyboard, only a few buttons on the front panel. Compared with the previous generation of Kindle is 18% thinner (8.7 mm) and 30% lighter (170 g). The device is equipped with both Wi-Fi and USB 2.0. Screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels. The amount of built-in memory – 2 GB, of which 1.25 gigabytes available to the user.

Average ($ 99) and the most advanced ($ 149) model Kindle Touch of encoded yesterday got tacskrinu, and the older there is a 3 g module. The amount of built-in memory-4 GB (available about three). Of the interesting software updates include a new line of X-Ray feature that allows you to see the meaning of the word in Wikipedia without having to go to the browser.

Selling Kindle Fire and readers will start in the United States in the second half of November.

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