Bedphones for comfortable listening to music before bedtime

Tweet In-ear headphones are distinguished by their compact size and ease of use, but the sound quality do not always fall short of the level of their full size counterparts. But what happens when bedtime, lying in bed, you suddenly wanted to listen to your favorite music? Probably each of us more than once fell asleep with headphones, and woke up with pain in the ears or a feeling of discomfort from...
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iBuyPower introduces the BTS11 Gaming PC

Tweet After the last few days have been bored, iBuyPower decided to present the latest gaming station Gamer Power BTS11.
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Apple Thunderbolt Display – monitor and docking station in one case

Tweet Releasing the Mac mini and MacBook Air with the ports of Thunderbolt, Apple has decided to supplement its line of laptop suitable dock. Implemented this idea in a big way, with the result that the light appeared a full 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display, which has features a docking station for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Appearance novelty in the style of 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display,...
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Alibaba have a own smartphone operating system

Tweet Alibaba, a well-known owner of one of the largest sites for online commerce with the same name, released its own smartphone with a new operating system designed specifically for this unit. OS smartphone Tianyu K-Touch Cloud W700 is Aliyun, its founders were guided by the active use of various cloud services by going to the basis on Linux. On the smartphone so far little is known. It can operate...
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Olympus SP-810 UZ Ultra Zoom – the new camera with 36x zoom

Tweet This fall, the market will have a new compact camera from a series of Olympus SP, which differs and has very powerful for its size zoom lens – wide angle lens model Olympus SP-810UZ Ultra Zoom has a 36-ikratny optical zoom (ie, 1:2.9-5.7 24-864 mm), complete with dual image stabilization (mechanical and digital). Through 1 / 2 ,3-inch CCD sensor, the camera boasts a resolution of 14 Megapixels....
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Sony Ericsson is working on a 4.7-inch 3D-smartphone based on Android

Tweet It seems, Sony Ericsson is preparing the next Android-smartphone with a large 4.7-inch multi touch display and support for 3D technologies without having to use special stereoscopic glasses. According to recent rumors this display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which means that we will be able to view the video format of 720p. Unfortunately, at present that is the only information available....
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Asus ROG Mars II graphics card images

Tweet ROG Mars II video card from the company Asus, which consists of two GTX 580 and will be released in limited editions, still waving to us only from advertising images. The company has prepared several press photos news.
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Toshiba has introduces a new line of 2.5-inch HDD up to 1TB

Tweet In an attempt to catch up with Western Digital, Toshiba has developed and introduced its new family of 2.5-inch (9.5mm ) hard drive series MQ01ABD volume from 500GB to 1TB.
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Asus announces the F1A75-I Deluxe motherboard

Tweet Two months later, after the debut performance at the Computex, motherboard AsusF1A75-I Deluxe form-factor mini-ITX has acquired a press release, by which we can more thoroughly acquainted with its characteristics. F1A75-I Deluxe works with APU Socket AMD FM1, uses technology DIGI + VRM, Dual Intelligent Processors (TPU and EPU), has two slots for memory standard, DDR3, four ports SATA 6.0 Gbps,...
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Foxconn hires a million robots

Tweet Over the next three years, Foxconn will replace a portion of their workers by robots in a total of 1 million, said founder and CEO Terry Gou Foxconn (Terry Gou). Taiwanese manufacturer is the largest supplier of components for the production of Apple, Sony and Nokia. Currently, the company employs 10 000 robots. The following year, their number will increase to 300,000. Interestingly, the use...
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