COVID Surges Among Young Adults

Hayley, Atlanta, nursing graduate student at Emory

ABC News, “As cases rise, Pence warns young people increasingly catching coronavirus”

Mercury News, “Age of COVID-19 cases dropping in California”

Lawrence Kleinman, MD, MPH, professor, vice chair of the Department of Pediatrics, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

NPR, “Younger Adults Are Increasingly Testing Positive For The Coronavirus”

The New York Times, “Florida and South Carolina break new-cases records for the third straight day”

Meredith, South Georgia, student at University of Georgia

Mark H. Ebell, MD, professor, Epidemiology Biostatistics, Director, Faculty of Medical Sciences, College of Public Health, University of Georgia

NBC Miami, “Florida Governor Says Younger People Drive COVID-19 Surge”

Gayeon, metro Atlanta, new graduate of University of Georgia, “Several Alabama football players test positive for COVID-19”

ESPN, “Texas says 13 football players positive for coronavirus”

The State, “23 Clemson football players have tested positive for coronavirus, school says”

Sports Illustrated, “At Least 30 LSU Football Players Quarantined Due to COVID-19 Outbreak”

CDC, “Coronavirus Disease 2019 Case Surveillance — United States, January 22–May 30, 2020”

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