Deux Ex Boss Battles Were Outsourced

Word has reached us that Eidos Montreal outsourced the boss fights in their
game Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Grip Entertainment. The boss fights in the
game were deemed unbalanced and, well, a bit clumsy, especially for gamers (such
as myself) who spend most of their play time investing into passive, stealth-based
augmentations, instead of more aggressive skills designed for combat. Either
way, the battles weren’t perfect.

Grip Entertainment president Paul Kruszewski confessed that he was given the
project, but it was his first contact with the Deus Ex series.”Full confession:
I’m a shooter guy,” he admits. “I was coming into this not knowing a lot about
the Deus Ex world. The guys at Eidos gave us the design, gave us the engine…and
we gave them back that experience.”

“Balancing that was brutally hard. I’ve been building technology for 20 years…
and it’s one of the cleanest, best pieces of technology I’ve ever built.”

There you have it. Well, granted, the boss battles were unbalanced somewhat,
but in all fairness, this wasn’t too much of a setback and it didn’t ruin the
experience for us.


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