Firefox 7 released in conjunction with Android-version and a new Thunderbird

A new version of Firefox 7 posted for download on the official website. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and Android application and a new version of the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird 7.

Among the major changes in Firefox you can note 7 feature Instant Sync to sync bookmarks, history and passwords between your computer and mobile device user. For Android devices only need to install the appropriate version of the browser, and for the iPhone and iPad will need to use the Firefox Home, which allows you to synchronize data with Safari. Synchronization is done through push-notifications. Desktop browser sends phone or digitizer information about updates in real time. You can also send specific reference to the mobile device and browser on devajse goes to the appropriate URL.

The Android version of Firefox work was carried out over 7 Optimization under tablets, especially under the model of system-on-chip Nvidia Tegra 2, thus rendering the graph now happens much faster. The eighth version for tablets promise and a special interface.

Also in the new computer version of the browser, which introduced a feature after enabling Telemetry service sends data monitoring work Firefox developers. Stats is used in the work on browser performance. Mozilla note that unlike competitors collected Telemetry service data is never linked with a specific user, that although it complicates the processing of information, but provides greater anonymity.

In addition to desktop-version has been optimized to work with memory and introduced several other changes intended to increase productivity.

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