Intel and Samsung will make a successor to MeeGo

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Intel and Samsung have initiated the establishment of a new open source mobile platform that will receive the title of Tizen. The new OS will be integrated into the MeeGo, which at the time, began to develop Nokia and Intel, but the Finnish company had withdrawn from further work on it.

Intel announced that it will help other partners on MeeGo with Tizen. Exit the new platform is expected in the first quarter of 2012, and the first device on its base might appear already to the middle of next year.

It is alleged that Tizen vberet all the best of open source development organizations have a LiMo and Linux Foundation, as well as serve as the basis for flexible software ecosystem based on HTML5 and other Web standards, allowing for effective cross-platform applications.

Among the target devices are called Tizen smartphones, tablets, netbooks, automotive computers and televisions Smart TV.

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