Kevin Smith Thinks ‘Red State’ Deserves Awards, Has a Temper Tantrum

Um…I’m pretty sure Kevin Smith isn’t also John Goodman, Michael Parks, John Goodman, or Melissa Leo. They’re all separate people. It seems to me he’s upset that THEIR work within the film wasn’t recognized.

Honestly, though? I don’t care if you have your own opinion, Mr. D. You didn’t like it. Fine. Great. Wonderful. But since when was your opinion of someone else’s opinion actually NEWS? I thought that’s what this section was about. It says “news” right in the URL, but this isn’t news. This belongs in a journal or something, or some separate column designed for opinionated rants.

What I’m getting at is, do you want BD to be remembered as the FOX News of horror film journalism? Let’s get some news without the filter of bias on one side or another. We all have opinions, but when reporting NEWS, you’re supposed to keep them to yourself, and allow your readers to decide what they’re supposed to feel.

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