Parents-losers from China have sold their children for game currency

When it comes to the gaming industry in Asia, almost always referred to Internet cafes, which are strongly occupied one part of the social life of countries such as China. It is not surprising that Li Ling and Li Huang met online and have unexpectedly had children.

It seems to be nothing special. But there is one very bad thing. The unfortunate parents have decided to sell their children for the sake of game currency for online games. Yes, that child! In his 20 years, they got three: two boys and one girl.

For three infants, they would receive about 9,700 dollars. According to Chinese newspaper Southern Li Ling’s mother learned of this horror, immediately informed the police. The police these hapless entrepreneurs quickly twisted. And as a shock to all the parents gave an answer to the question – why did they resolutely to sell their children:

“We were not going to raise them. We decided to sell them. ”

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