The first 3D games for PS3, 3D Blu-ray support will be added in the future

According to TechRadar, Sony has announced that the Playstation 3 firmware update in June will include 3D Blu-ray support is not true. The firmware update that will add 3D Blu-ray support for your Playstation 3 device will soon be available in the future.

The good news is that although there is a delay on the Blu-ray 3D support for Playstation 3, you will be able to save your money without purchasing a 3D Blu-ray player, and all you will need is a 3D TV.

Sony had released the list of first 3D games that will be available as below

  • Wipeout HD
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • PAIN
  • Super Stardust HD

All the above mentioned 3D games will be via Playstation Network on the day Sony’s new 3D TVs Bravia LED LCD HX803 series hits stores.

Bravia LED LCD HX803

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