Tropical Storm Barry: What to Know and Do

The Cleanup

After the storm has passed and cleanup is possible, major threats may still be lurking, such as gas leaks, debris, and sewage. Bugs, particularly mosquitoes, will be plentiful. Protect yourself with an approved repellant. 

When the water recedes, mold is likeliy. 

Exposure to mold can lead to an asthma attack, allergic reactions, or eye and skin irritations. Avoid contaminated buildings and contaminated water as much as you can. Mold is tricky. If you were not able to dry your home within 24 to 48 hours after a storm, there is a chance you have mold. Everything needs to be completely dried, even furniture, to prevent heath issues.

To clean mold, mix a cup of household bleach with a gallon of uncontaminated water. Or lightly mist mold spores with rubbing alcohol.

Do not mix bleach with ammonia, because it can create toxic vapors.

If the problem remains, you might need a professional mold service.

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