Weighted Blankets: From Fad to Mainstream

Aubrianna Veitz, Pittsburgh.

Donna Chambers, founder and CEO, SensaCalm.

Kristen Mezzenga, spokeswoman, Target.

Laura LeMond, owner and co-founder, Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

Time magazine: Best Inventions of 2018, “Blankets That Ease Anxiety: Gravity Blanket.”

Jennifer Poon, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston; member, executive committee, Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, American Academy of Pediatrics.

Laura Milani Alessio, spokeswoman, American Academy of Pediatrics.

Corinne Lederhouse, spokeswoman, American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Mike Grillo, managing director, Gravity Blankets.

Pediatrics: “Weighted Blankets and Sleep in Autistic Children — A Randomized Controlled Trial.”

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health:  “Exploring the Safety and Therapeutic Effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation Using a Weighted Blanket.”

Journal of Sleep Medicine Disorders:  “Positive effects of a weighted blanket on insomnia.”


Article source: https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/news/20190415/weighted-blankets-from-fad-to-mainstream?src=RSS_PUBLIC

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