Suicide Bombers Strike in Afghanistan

Tweet A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yusuf, claimed that Taliban fighters were responsible for the attack in Helmand, but even hours after the bombing in Herat said he had no information on it. The target of the bombing in Herat initially appeared to be the government center in the Guzara district, which is on the edge of the city on the road to the airport. The suicide bomber drove a sport utility...
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European Court Says Britain Can Send Terror Suspects to U.S.

Tweet In a major precedent that appeared likely to greatly ease extradition of Britain’s terrorism suspects, an issue that has surfaced repeatedly over the last decade, the court ruled that the human rights of the defendants would not be violated by their prospective captivity in a maximum security American prison. All face the possibility of life sentences without parole. The decision...
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Astrakhan Hunger Striker Gets Support From Moscow Protesters

Tweet The candidate, Oleg V. Shein of the Just Russia party, says that falsified tallies cost him the March 4 election, in which a member of Vladimir V. Putin’s United Russia party was declared the winner. Complaints to election officials and the courts hit dead ends, Mr. Shein said. So for 27 days, he and a small group of supporters have refused to eat solid food, insisting that they will...
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Diplomatic Resolution Sought in South China Sea Standoff

Tweet “If the Philippines is challenged, we are prepared to secure our sovereignty,” Albert F. del Rosario, the Philippine foreign secretary, said at a news conference as a Philippine frigate and two Chinese ships positioned themselves near disputed islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese Embassy in Manila issued a statement reaffirming its claim to sovereignty over the islands and said that...
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Young North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, Chosen as Head of Ruling Party

Tweet The governing Workers’ Party, during the country’s first major political gathering in a year and a half, declared Mr. Kim to be “supreme leader” and awarded him the title of first secretary. The inevitable elevation of Mr. Kim later this week to the top defense commission post will complete his rise to the pinnacle of party, military and state leadership, at a speed that analysts in...
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First ‘Hunger Games’ Teaser!

Tweet Apparently there were TWO one-second teases for The Hunger Games at the VMA’s tonight before they showed the actual teaser. That’s a lot of teasing but I suppose it’s appropriate for the attention span of the demographic. Directed by Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit), this first look at the adaptation of the novels by Suzanne Collins is surprisingly lush given the post apocalyptic...
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Nokia and Microsoft to invites guests on August 17

Tweet This month in Germany will host the Gamescom 2011 exhibition, where Microsoft and Nokia have booked a place. An advertising brochure promised to surprise the visitors, but do not specify – what it was. Perhaps this will be the first device based on operating system Windows Phone running on them and the game (that game show). Is that so, find out on August 17.
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Foxconn hires a million robots

Tweet Over the next three years, Foxconn will replace a portion of their workers by robots in a total of 1 million, said founder and CEO Terry Gou Foxconn (Terry Gou). Taiwanese manufacturer is the largest supplier of components for the production of Apple, Sony and Nokia. Currently, the company employs 10 000 robots. The following year, their number will increase to 300,000. Interestingly, the use...
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WD enters the market of products for small business servers with small storage

Tweet WD with Microsoft will be releasing the solution to simplify the collective use of the data in the working groups and to ensure better protection of information in a small business Western Digital ® (NYSE: WDC), the world’s largest reservoirs announces it will offer storage servers for small offices. Addition, the company Western Digital announced the signing of OEM-agreement on the inclusion...
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Parents-losers from China have sold their children for game currency

Tweet When it comes to the gaming industry in Asia, almost always referred to Internet cafes, which are strongly occupied one part of the social life of countries such as China. It is not surprising that Li Ling and Li Huang met online and have unexpectedly had children. It seems to be nothing special. But there is one very bad thing. The unfortunate parents have decided to sell their children for...
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