Do Women or Men Make the Best Doctors?

MONDAY, July 19, 2021 (HealthDay News) — When you’re hospitalized, you’ll want qualified medical professionals treating you, but does it matter if your doctor is a man or a woman?

It might.

A new study in Canada found that patients cared for by female physicians had lower in-hospital death rates than those who had male doctors.

“Our study overall shows that female doctors have lower patient death rates compared to the patients of their male colleagues, but the difference could not be explained based on imaging tests, CT scans, ultrasound, things like that,” said the study’s lead author, Anjali Sergeant.

“However, the lower death rate in the patients of female physicians was partially explained by the fact that a higher proportion of new medical grads are female and that these new grads may be more up to date,” added Sergeant, a medical student at McMaster University in Ontario.

The study was prompted by past research in a primary care setting that suggested there could be differences in how male and female physicians practice. This included reports that female doctors spent more time with patients, provided more patient-centered care and care with an empathic focus. A U.S. study, done in 2017, also found a similar difference in patient death depending on physician gender.

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